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Pickles Content

Half Sour Pickles


 You’ll think you were in the Lower East Side taking them straight out of the barrel! Also known as a “new pickle,” the Half Sour has a fresh crisp, taste lightly brined with fresh garlic and pickling spices.  

New York Dill Pickles


 We mix the Doctor Pickle® secret family recipe in with the best organic cucumbers anyone can find. Just looking at these succulent pickles in person will make your mouth water. This pickle has the perfect crunch, and will send mouth-watering juice all over your mouth. When you’re ready to experience a real pickle head on over to your local farmers market and check in with the doctor.  

New York Garlic Pickles


 Is the next step for the Half Sour, fresh locally sourced garlic is added to the barrel with some secret family spices and left to cure for at least two months to produce this mouthwatering product. 

Horseradish Pickles


 New York Sour Pickle that is blended with Horseradish. It goes great with a tasty Sandwich and complements deliciously fresh salads and can never hurt the Martini.  

Habañero Pickles


 A New York Dill are combined with organic Habañero peppers that is sure to light up your day! This is a very different experience from the Hot & Spicy, the Habañero Spear is just the heat without the sweet.(Bloody Mary favorite).  

Hot & Spicy Pickles


 A crisp and crunchy Dill flavor up front followed by crushed hot Jalapeno pepper spice that will quickly follow! This product is the perfect match for that Bloody Mary on Sunday mornings and add a little of the brine into the mix.

Sweet & Spicy Pickled Chips


 This product might be copied by many but has been a Doctor Pickle® original since 1977! The crinkle cut Dell chip is naturally flavored with assorted crushed peppers base and then sweetened with Agave. The chip is a perfect balance between sweet and heat!  

Bread & Butter Pickled Chips


 This is a Dill Pickle base that is naturally sweeten with locally sourced Agave Syrup fresh from our Florida farm with a little bit of our secret family recipe pickling spice that is crinkle cut into chips. This cut allows for a beautiful presentation on any pickle platter.  

Honey Mustard Pickled Chips


 This product is unique to Doctor Pickle®, others might try to copy us but amazing product that starts with a Dill Chip that is crinkle cut and then is blended with spicy brown mustard and then incorporated with locally sourced orange-blossom honey. This product has an assortment of peppers that just give it that little kick. Do not be scared off if hot is not your thing, the peppers provide amazing flavoring but not heat!  

Jack Daniel's Pickles


 Glass Jar Product speaks for itself. Triple your pickles back guarantee you will love the infused bourbon taste. Great gift item for all occasions.  

Pickled Vegetables

Farm Fresh Beets


 This is one of the biggest sellers at the Green Markets; they sell out each week within hours of opening! The farm fresh beets are slow roasted to bring out the natural sweetness and then fresh dill, oregano, white wine vinegar and apple cider vinegar are added to make this amazing pickled beet salad. Dr. Oz has said that beets are the number one natural source for antioxidants. 

Cucumber Salad


 Locally sourced certified organic cucumbers are thinly sliced on a mandolin and mixed with red onions, vinegar and with a touch of spices and Agave makes this just like grandma used to make! The Green Markets Customers who buy the beet salad also pick this up each week!

Macho Gazpacho™ Soup and Drink


 Macho Gazpacho™ has 23 natural ingredients, it’s a farmers market in a bottle™. Blended energy experience, the catest and the greatest in a drinkable form raw & real. Your body will love the experience and reward you for it. Is it a soup or a drink? It's both!  

Fresh Pickled Ginger


 Our Fresh Pickled ginger is brined with apple cider vinegar. Its best known for helping the digestive system and removing any unwanted bacteria. Goes great on a salad, sandwich, breakfast eggs, and with your dinner entree.  



Locally grown certified cabbage, is cleaned, shredded, salted with a few secret spices and barrel pressed for sixty days. This classic goes back to the old country and each container has that flavor profile captured for your enjoyment. An excellent source of vitamin C and natural Probiotics from the fermentation process.  

Sweet Jalapeño


 Thinly sliced Jalapeno with half the seeds removed are infused with Natural Agave that takes advantage of G-ds natural heat that starts off sweet and the heat will hit make you stand up and take notice!